How to Stay Busy When Craving an Electronic Cigarette

Some people switch to electronic cigarettes to reap the benefits of being able to still get their nicotine fix without all the added chemicals of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Others will use e-cigs as a stepping stone to help ease the pain of quitting smoking altogether by cutting down your nicotine slowly by purchasing e-juice that contains less nicotine and gradually going down until you reach zero milligrams of nicotine in your e-juice. Once you have reached zero, you make want to get rid of the ecig altogether, and that could be hard considering it has become part of a routine, and that can be sometimes harder to break than a nicotine addictions. Here are some helpful tips to help you substitute the behaviour for something different and help you stay busy during those cravings. See more!

Brush Your Teeth

Nothing can beat the feeling of a nice clean mouth. Even though the e-juice in an electronic cigarette is tasty, it still leaves a film in your mouth afterwards. If you are trying to drop the habit of using e-cigs, try going and brushing your teeth for a couple minutes until the craving goes away. Not only will you beat your craving, but you will have fresh smelling breath as well!

Drink Cold Water

Cravings usually last only a couple of minutes, and if you have already gone down to zero milligrams of nicotine, they should not be that intense. Try sipping on a glass of ice cold water or flavoured juice. Drinking something will take your mind of the craving long enough for it to subside.

Go For a Jog

If you are craving an e-cig because of stress, try going for a jog or a walk. The fresh air will make you instantly feel better, and it will help relieve stress. A lot of people recommend this option because you can run right through your craving.

Doodle or Draw

Dealing with cravings is mostly about keeping your hands busy. Carrying around a notepad and a pen to just doodle on is an excellent way to do this, especially if you have a craving for an e-cig while you are on the phone.

Find Support

It is important to have a support system when you try to quit any addiction and quitting smoking or ecigs is no acceptation. It is much easier to get through it if you can talk to someone while you are having a craving. This person can remind you of why you are quitting and motivate you to not relapse. Learn more details at:


Quitting smoking is extremely hard, and even if you are using an electronic cigarette to help you, eventually you will have to quit using that too in order to be the healthiest you  that you can be. The good news is, that there are thousands of people who free themselves from smoking addiction every day, and there is no reason why you can’t be one of those people. All it takes is a lot of will power and determination and you can be a new you, smoke free and healthy.

Tips and Tricks for Mixing the Perfect Vape Juice Flavor

Who have thought that with hundreds of correctly best e-juice already on the marketplace, many vapers would discover a way to branch out even more and ultimately personalize their e-liquids?

The practice of mixing up your vape juice commenced with experimentally adding a few drops of one e-liquid to another liquid just to see what would happen.

There are dozens of fan-created formulas available on the internet which incorporate e-juice flavors from various manufacturers.


In perhaps one of our own most innovative techniques, VaporFi decided that we not want to be overlooked of the fun when it came up to mixing up your own the best e-juice. VaporFi already has the most significant independent collection of e-liquids anywhere on the web, and we are recognized for our ability to add an extra taste shot or three to our liquids upon request.

Given our versatility with even our most simple flavors, it is no real surprise to find that we are ready to take on custom mixing on your behalf!


Once you visit our VaporFi website and go into the Shop menu, the very first tab is perfect for vape juice and best e-juice. Inside of this list is an option to build Your Own. The Create Your web page allows you to choose up to three of VaporFi’s existing tastes to mix mutually in a proportion of your choosing.

Produce a flavor

There’s a handy aesthetic menu which allows anyone to choose each taste you want, and then choose the strength of the flavor, the PG/VG ratio, and the nicotine strength.

The power of buying a custom combination from VaporFi is you are guaranteed to get a combine that upholds our high processing and quality control requirements.

Tastes That Work

OK, now that you know where to find the Create Your menu, it is time to decide which tastes will work well together. Obviously, most folks have a popular treat they would like to emulate by creating their liquid. For example, mint delicious chocolate chip glaciers cream may be accomplished using best e-juice flavors- VaporFi’s Vanilla Bean Snow Cream, Chocolate Delight and Fresh Mint.

Recently there has been much hubbub in the vaping community throughout the creation of any perfect Strawberry Dairy flavor.

Get Crazy

Of course, they are just a few of the combinations that people have discussed a lot. The true question is what flavors you want most. There are thousands of possible combinations you can choose from, and once you have got the formula down, you can order it normally as you like. Plus, many people would wish to hear about your recipes and try them for themselves. You may become a vape-mixing celebrity instantaneously!

The main element to creating a great menu is to start out with the right base flavor. Tobacco bases are complemented by refined fruits and softer flavors like vanilla and caramel.


Take a few chances, try unusual combinations and find out as you go. Each bottle you blend will provide you with an idea of how to boost next time. Best e-juice brands help it be easy to trail your improvement and continue creating unique blends that are 100 percent yours, so go for it!

Vape Moar Baker’s Bean Eliquid Sampler Review

Vanilla is dubbed as the second most expensive spice next to saffron, making it highly valued for its exquisite flavor. Currently, vanilla is commonly used in baking, perfume manufacturing, and aromatherapy. But Vape Moar won’t let you spend so much money to get that vanilla taste, thanks to its Baker’s Bean eliquid.

Based on its official flavor profile, “It’s always a wonder that people use the word vanilla to describe something simple and plain! Vanilla is a cornerstone flavor. It’s used in everything from soft drinks and coffees to cakes and savory dishes. With Baker’s Bean, we’ve focused on the truest Vanilla Bean flavor we could make. You can taste vanilla in a lot of things, but why not come to the source? Baker’s bean offers a true and complex vanilla flavor without the overpowering oiliness of many vanilla vapes. If you’re the type of vaper who loves creamy vanilla vapes, but don’t want the cloying sweetness or other flavors to get in the way of your flavor experience, Baker’s Bean is the true, pure experience of vanilla, in your vape.”

Indeed, Baker’s Bean is true to its flavor profile. This ejuice is packed with delicious flavors that you just can’t find anywhere else. You can expect a strong vanilla flavoring mixed with some cinnamon on both the inhale and exhale. As for the smell, Baker’s Beans, as expected, produces a vanilla bean scent. But interestingly, and if you pay closer attention, you will also enjoy the good smell of cinnamon, white chocolate, and a little vodka. If you love eating vanilla cinnamon roll, then this is definitely a must try. This also does not give off that flowery aftertaste just like others.

But if you are feeling adventurous and want to explore flavors, this vape liquid is perfect to mellow out the overwhelming tobacco flavor of other eliquids. You can also mix this with other Vape Moar eliquids. Just check its Small Prices collection for more sampler sizes. It has tons of blends to choose from including Berry Bomb, Café Cream, Cool Customer, Summer Sweetie, Fru Fruity, and Prince Pucker. Baker’s Bean is a definitely a good all-day vape, an all-week even or until you get tired of it.

Baker’s Bean is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. Its vapor runs nicely and on the throat. It does not give you that nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensation, or even fits of coughing or spluttering. As for the clouds, this baby will not disappoint. It works more than you can expect from a 60/40 blend. Clouds are huge and dense, and they do not disappear right away.

Baker’s Bean is recommended to be vaped to a fairly high heat. You will definitely enjoy varied vanilla notes until 600F only. A temperature setting higher than this tend to lose much of the vanilla’s ‘body’ and flavor can taste cakey.

Vape Moar offers Baker’s Bean in five nicotine strength options. It comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 16mg of nicotine. Just to set things straight, there is no clear cut answer as to what nicotine level you should start vaping with. I always say it is more of a personal preference as nicotine concentration highly depends on your own cravings. It is best if you explore this for yourself until you find the perfect level that will satisfy you.

Just like the rest of Vape Moar products, this flavour vapour is presented in a rather simple yet straightforward way. It is stored in a plastic bottle with a twist, child-resistant cap. Wrapped around the bottle is a label that displays relevant product information. It contains the brand name, flavor name, expiration date, lot number, and the usual warnings. Of note, all bottles are pre-steeped.

If my review is not that convincing to you, then I suggest you try one for yourself. Luckily, Vape Moar offers Baker’s Bean at sampler sizes for as low as $3 only! Score some cheap vaping deals on its website now.
Vape Moar is a relatively new company but has been making buzz across the vaping community for making premium eliquids at cheap prices. It does not only aim to satisfy your taste buds but also your wallets as well.

Cheap E-Juice Peach Iced E-Liquid Review

Who’s up for some peaches with a twist of apples and menthol? This thirst-quenching vape juice flavor by Cheap E-Juice sure is a must try! Whether you are out in the sun or dipping in a pool, nothing beats the refreshing blend of peach ejuices. (Check this baby out at Cheap Ejuice’s Menthol Flavors collection.)

“Peach Iced by Cheap eJuice is a menthol peach flavored e-juice with freshly sliced peaches and apples making this all day vape perfect for the upcoming summer… now iced!”

If you have been an avid fan of Cheap E-Juice, then you will know this is the mentholated version of its Peach vape juice. The fruity flavor with a kick of ice cool freshness makes this ejuice one-of-a-kind. The second I opened the bottle, the scent of fresh and sweet peaches start to float on the air. It feels like you are in peach heaven!

I was right, the taste is as good as it smells. Ever got a bottle of vape juice that smells good but the taste is lackluster? This mentholated peach blend does not disappoint. On the inhale, you will get that strong, pure, and fresh icy peach flavor. This is dominant all throughout the course. Then on the exhale, hints of apple slices start to appear and turn this Peach Iced ejuice into a more delectable fruity mix.

I love the kind of sweetness coming out from this bottle. It is perfect and not overly. Some ejuices just tend to cause you to cough or splutter. But this ejuice delivers a natural kind of sweetness, as if you are just drinking a tall, ice-filled glass of fresh peach juice with some apple slices on it.

This is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Its clouds are huge, dense, and puffy. It tends to linger a little while in the air, filling the room with that fruity peach scent. One good sign that you have a good ejuice is when other people start to notice and ask, or if friends begin to “borrow” some. Basically, this does not give you a dry mouth feeling. There can be a little nose tingling sensation, but that is totally tolerable. It does not affect the quality and taste in any way.

That being said, the Peach Iced blend is a perfect all-day vape. Whether the summer is on its way or has just ended, this baby is perfect in all seasons. What’s more, it does not leave a chemical or weird-tasting aftertaste. Instead, your mouth will feel all fresh, thanks to the menthol twist.

The Peach Iced blend comes in 3 mg and 6 mg versions of nicotine. Usually, the 3 mg version is preferred by newbies or those who just want to give nicotine a try. The 6 mg version is for current vapers or previous cigarette smokers who want to experience the same as a cigarette hit. There is actually no clear cut answer as to what nicotine level you should start as there are several factors vapers should take into consideration. Regardless, I recommend that vaper should go up or down one level at a time only.

The Peach Iced ejuice comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. It also has a needle tip making transfer of eliquid to any dripper or atomizer very easy. The label, wrapped around the bottle, pretty much covers anything you need to know about the vape juice. It includes flavor name, brand name, manufacturing date, expiration date, size, and nicotine level. I like the clean and straightforward appeal of the packaging. The presentation is similar to all Cheap E-Juice bottles.

For its price, I have to say it is very convincing. You can get your own 120 mil bottle of Peach Iced ejuice for as low as $12.99 only. In this vaping world where quality and large size demand high prices, Cheap E-Juice surely defies the norm. No one has beat the taste and quality of Cheap E-Juice for a price of less than 15 bucks yet. That being said, I am giving this ejuice a double thumbs up and am highly recommending this. Enjoy more exclusive vape juice deals when you shop online at Cheap E-Juice.