Ohmega Hybrid 22mm RDA Review

In the vaping community, Ohmega brand is readily associated with class and outstanding performance of its products. They have such a great line-up that they caught the hearts (throat and lungs) of many vapers out there. I personally love their mods as they are good looking and delivers exceptional performance. That is why I tried to check out more on their offerings. I have found one product from an online vape shop which caught my attention. It is the Ohmega Hybrid 22 mm RDA. I’ve been looking for a rebuildable as a backup to my daily devices. I would say that Ohmega Hybrid 22mm RDA is superb. It has an innovative design and has my favorite Copper tone finish. I don’t know, but I am more attracted to these colors. Most of my devices are in copper tints. There is something about it that makes the device looks so masculine and bold; two adjectives I look for on a paraphernalia in terms of performance and design.


This RDA is manufactured by Ohmega Co. All their products are designed and produced in the USA. Their headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, USA. They are recognized for the stylish designs of their box mods and tanks. The company boasts of the high quality and functionality of their products. Their offerings provide availability in both series and parallel builds and each has its own serial number. They also offer customization on certain models.


The Ohmega Hybrid 22mm RDA is available online for only $27.99. See for yourself its specs below, and you will realize how reasonably priced this is. I believe I made the right purchase with this RDA. It’s entirely underrated for its quality. I bought mine at ecig.com, and their site offers exceptional service. It has a good and user-friendly UI. They offer lower prices than other sites I’ve checked, and have a wide range of products.

Features and Specifications

  • Large Lead Holes For Complex Coils
  • Threaded Top-Fill Cap
  • Holds 4ml of Juice
  • Delrin 510 Drip Tip
  • 4 Juice Inlets For Great Wick Saturation
  • Pyrex Tank Section
  • Proudly Designed by Ohmega Mods in the United States
  • Adjustable Copper 510 Pin
  • Massive Non-Adjustable Airflow
  • Velocity-Style Two Post Deck

Packaging Box includes

  • 1   Screwdriver
  • 1   Pack of Grub Screws
  • 1   Replacement O-Ring
  • 1   Ohmega Hybrid 22mm RDA
  • 1   Replacement Drip Tip
  • 2   Big 3.5mm Clapton Coils

Design and Performance Review

Similar to the Ohmega 31mm RDA, this new 22mm hybrid is developed with the same two post design. It has a beautiful copper finish giving it a valiant appearance. This fits most 18650 mods and fits perfectly with the Stacked Ohmega. The Ohmega 22mm RDA Copper Hybrid utilized two airflow options. It also has two top caps with one cap having copper with Delrin tip. The other has a Delrin wide bore chuff and airflow controls. I can say that this has a more compact layout. It can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid so I can bring this for an all day vape usage.

I like that the tank comes with airflow inlets to adjust for the best possible airflow. The 6mm inlets allow maximum airflow throughout the tank enabling you to produce enormous and tasty vapor. This is an RDA for both cloud and flavor chasers alike. In addition, I am fond of its velocity-style deck since it allows me to tinker with awesome sub-ohm builds. Good things do come in small packages.

Never underestimate its size. Although this may be small, you can still maximize its power potential and get amazing end results regarding cloud and flavor production. Ohmega’s 22 mm hybrid RDA is very usable as you can pair it with any mod of your preference. Overall, this rebuildable tank is a good initial investment for a solid vaping experience. I could easily attest to that.

So if you are like me who is on the lookout for the best tanks out there, do your research very well. There is a lot of information available nowadays especially online. I hope you will find this review a good resource for your next buying decision.

The Kanger T3 and MT3 Review

This review has been in the making for longer than Brat Pits beard. I got the first T3 early on. Most shops didn’t even know of them at the time. It had suicidal tendencies and promptly decided to take its life by rolling under my boot just one day after filling it. I had to forge a suicide note to avoid suspicion by the authorities. The second one was DOA. I buried it in the yard fearing two T3 deaths might have ringed a bell with some of the beautiful people in uniform. Finally, the 3rd one arrived just after Xmas and has been through rigorous testing.

This has been the hardest vaping products I’ve had to review in some time. In technical aspects; the Kanger T3 uses an eGo connection with threading only on the outer skirt. I use a 510 to 510 extension to test similar cartos, but with the T3 they didn’t work. I had to find a 510 – eGo adapter which had central post issues leaving me just two devices in my vape box that would fire it. A standard eGo battery and a spinner battery. Neither of which fit well into my review standards. It took a bit of MacGyvering to get it to work on my VV and VW devices for proper testing.

The Proper Intro

Clearomizers seem to have completely overtaken the carto market despite my awful experiences with them. The first CE4s  didn’t work for me. The long wicked CE4s wouldn’t wick fast enough. Finally, the dual coil/4 wick ones worked but lasted only about as long as a teenager in an orgy. I love the idea behind them, and they would be fantastically convenient for my daily commute, so I keep trying and trying. This relatively new installment by Kanger seems promising. It’s a bottom coil cartomizer so the wicking is no longer fighting gravity, which should make a vast improvement for chain vaping.

The Review

It got the looks that only a mother can love. The tube is merely a round piece of plastic, and the non-removable drip tip is not very attractive. The knurling kind of works for the look, but makes it wider than an eGo battery. Alarming that it won’t fit well on the battery it was designed for. The MT3 improves the look a little bit by adding a metallic sleeve, but the lines and function remain completely unchanged with the exception of a small curve at the top.

The filling is awkward but doesn’t need a needle or anything similar. You just remove the bottom section and drip on the side of the tube. The inverted volumetric markings help quite a bit, but frankly, I don’t see why a simple ‘full’ mark wasn’t enough.

Leaking or juice in the mouth has not been an issue at all, nothing, nada what-so-ever. If you don’t overfill or drip down the central air tube then it’s all good. Just think of all the money you can save on auto diapers!

Now, more importantly, wicking. It wasn’t incredibly fantastic.The top silicon ring was pushing on the wicks restricting the juice flow. With a nifty little trick from ECF it was easily fixed, just turn the silicon upside down and all done. It kept up with 50/50 just fine.

Besides having three air holes in the base, the draw is surprisingly tight, despite reports of an open draw. This is a matter of preference, and I just happen to prefer a faster draw.

Unfortunately, with darker juices, I cannot get them to last more than five days, with the price of replacement heads being comparable to those for a second atomizer, I expected more, much more. Lighter juices seem to help them last quite a bit longer, so far 12 days running a selection of teas through one.

More importantly, How does it vape?:

My vape preference is around 11watts, a bit over or under depending on the juice, but I never stray too far from it. With the 2.0ohm head at 4.7V (my 11W), it’s a mouthful of evil with sprinkles of hate, at the lower heat (around 4.0V – 8.0W) it vaped fantastically well. There’s plenty of vapor and a hard throat hit with let’s say a 7.5/10 flavor compared to my trusty 306. So far these are the finest clears I’ve used. The one problem that completely puzzles me is a foul plastic feeling that developed when the liquid was left in them for a few days without using. This even persisted after washing them out and running a full (ish) tank through them. Perhaps the liquid itself was attacking the polycarbonate tubing or the silica rings, or maybe the juice just went wrong. I only had three heads to play around with and this developed in only 1 of them, I’ll investigate a bit more with the other 2 in time. Don’t want to waste them just for testing.