Eleaf iCare Kit Review

There were cig a likes before that did not require you to push a button to activate the battery. It was equipped with a draw-activated automatic switch. The Eleaf iCare is a modern take on those old electronic cigarettes. As mod technology evolved, the e-cigarettes are made with buttons for it to be activated. Now, Eleaf is bringing back the automatic switch technology with the new iCare vaporizer.

This product is available at the Vape Mall website. There are several mods from other brands also available. The cool thing is you can be a wholesale partner with Vape Mall. You just have to register online to get started.

A Look at the Contents

The contents of the Eleaf iCare kit includes the iCare e-cigarette and two 1.1 coil heads. This kit also includes a USB charging cable and a user’s manual. The kit has it all for just $13. This is a reasonable price. The Eleaf iCare e-cigarette is small at just 30mm x 14mm x75mm. It is actually smaller than a 30ml e-liquid bottle and just a little bit larger than a standard USB stick. The device weighs only 55 grams, which is very light. It can be carried anywhere and can be placed in your pocket easily. This device is a simple automatic e-cigarette.

The iCare has a very simple design. It also has no buttons and requires you to draw on the mouthpiece to activate it. One look at the device, you will notice right away that a built-in 1.8ml tank is on one of its edges. The device has a plastic mouthpiece that acts as a key. There are three slots at the back of the e-cigarette. The one slot on the left of the device is for airflow, there is a sensor slot on the right side and there is a square hole in the middle.

The coil heads have to be screwed at the bottom of the long shaft and you can fill up the device with the e-liquid of your choice. You just have to make sure that you won’t go over the horizontal black line so the e-liquid won’t overflow when you put the shaft back. You also need to remember to drip a few drops of e-juice to the coil head before screwing it back. This way, you are sure that your hits will not be dry.

One modern feature that this e-cigarette has is the airflow control. This was not included with the cig-a-likes from before. You can adjust the tightness of the draw by twisting the cover up to open five small airflows.  This feature may not work the same way with bigger devices but it is really convenient for this kind of e-cigarette. This will work with any juice you prefer.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

The Eleaf iCare has the 650 mAh battery. It is surprising that with this battery life, you are able to use the e-cigarette for up to four hours. When the device runs low on battery, there is a LED indicator that turns yellow if. When the battery life is 6% and below the light turns red. When the battery is full a green light flash on its LED. This product can easily be purchased through Vape batteries wholesale.

When you need to charge the iCare e-cigarette, all you need to do is stick the bundled micro USB cable in the port which is located at the bottom of the device and connect it to a power source. You can also use the e-cigarette while it’s charging. The Eleaf iCare vape is ideal for the mouth to lung vapers, especially with its 1.1 coils.

Vapor Production

This e-cigarette produces just the same amount of clouds like that of a tobacco cigarette. However, if you have been vaping for a while this device’s vapor production may not impress you. The iCare produces a vapor that is fit for beginners and is also a device that’s easy to operate.


The Eleaf iCare is made based on old technology. It is an extremely compact device and works perfectly for a tiny device. The Eleaf iCare is good for beginners and those that want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. This device can be purchased as wholesale vape mods. You can also become Vape Mall’s wholesale partner. You visit their website to get more details on how to become one.

Smok OSUB 40W TC Starter Kit Review

The OSUB 40W TC Starter Kit is one of the smallest vaping setups from Smok. It is one of the best mini vape kits that was released last year. While the OSUB kit is tiny enough to fit in your pocket, this device comes with many features that you will find on more powerful vape kits such as temperature control and a puff counter.
The Smok OSIB 40W TC is the perfect vape kit to use when you are out and about. It is tiny enough to fit in your pocket, and you do not have to compromise on the quality of your vaping experience. This vape kit is made up of the Smok OSUB 40W TC Mod and the Smok Helmet Mini Sub Ohm Tank.

The Smok OSUB 40W TC Mod

The Smok OSUB 40W TC mod is small and lightweight. The chassis of the device is made of zinc alloy. The dimensions of the mod are 70mm by 35mm by 22mm. It comes with a brushed finish that is very nice but will quickly get smudged by fingerprints. You can get this mod in different colors like black, silver, red, and white.
On top of the OSUB mod, you will find a stainless steel threaded 510 connection with an adjustable pin. You can only fit atomizers with a diameter of 22mm or less on this mod without any overhang.
The Smok OSUB mod is powered by a non-removable 1350mAh battery which can fire up to 40 watts. The battery life of this device is okay. If you are not chain vaping, it could last you for several hours. It takes about an hour and 30 minutes for the battery in this mod to go from empty to fully charged. The mod comes with a USB cable for charging it. The micro USB port on this device is hidden. It has a C-shaped, stealth side firing button which is very large. You have to take off the magnetic firing button to access the USB port. As you can guess, this mod does not support pass-through so you cannot vape while it is charging.
On the front of the mod, you will find a small OLED screen with two buttons for controlling the settings. Although the screen is very small, you will not struggle to read the data being displayed. This mod can be used in wattage mode, temperature control mode, and TCR mode. The resistance range of this mod is 1.0 ohms to 3.0 ohms in normal wattage mode and 0.06 ohms to 3.0 ohms in temperature control mode. The temperature range of this mod is 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use titanium, stainless steel, and titanium heating elements with this mod in temperature control mode.

Smok Helmet Mini Sub Ohm Tank

The Smok Helmet Mini Sub Ohm Tank is a perfect fit for the OSUB Mod. The tank has a diameter of 22mm. It is also made of stainless steel and pyrex glass. The tank comes in different colors to match the mod. The diameter of the Helmet Mini is 22mm.
The tank has a nice 510 Delrin drip tip which can be removed. You can use just about any 510 Delrin drip tip on this tank. The Helmet Mini can hold 2ml of e-juice. It comes with a childproof top filling system. The tank has a nice top airflow system. You can adjust the airflow by turning the top cap. The tank does not disappoint both in terms of clouds and flavor.
The Helmet Mini comes pre-installed with a 0.4 ohms dual Clapton coil head. You will find an extra 1.1 ohms dual Clapton coil head in the package.
You can get the Smok OSUB 40W TC Starter Kit on Vape Fu for only $41.97.

Step Into Spring Cleaning Season by Switching to Vaping

Spring has arrived which means that it’s time to break out those rags, cleaners, and carpet scrubbers to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated all year long. And one type of crime you shouldn’t ignore is cigarettes.

Remnants of smoking cigarettes in the home can get virtually anywhere—carpet, furniture, upholstery, chimney, ducts, and even in the walls.

Smoking not only wreaks havoc on your body but also your home. Here’s how:


There is a reason why realtors typically have a difficult time selling a house with previous owners who were smokers. Unfortunately, for those who don’t smoke, or do not like the smell of smoke inside the home, the odor of cigarettes indoors can linger for months, or even years later.

If you are walking in a park and pass by a person smoking a cigarette, chances are the smell of the smoke will be unmistakable. Now just imagine that odor contained in a closed room over an extended period of time. As you can probably guess the concentrated odor is extremely difficult to remove and usually requires the help of a professional odor remover. Even then the residual smell can persist.


The tar and ash from cigarette smoke is a primary contributor to the lingering odor, and it leaves behind a layer of dust. Ashtrays scattered around the home is helpful in reducing the buildup of dust and debris. However, not all of the ash from the tip of a cigarette will make it into a tray, and piles of ash tend to billow up easily, further spreading debris throughout your home.

Also, as you smoke, tiny grains of ash are falling from your cigarette and down into the recesses of your carpet or rug. Over time, this ash accumulates, causing odor and stains that are difficult to remove.

Health and Safety Danger

Aside from house hygiene, smoking is also a danger when done in the home. Just the odor of cigarette smoke can be a health hazard to you, your family, and guests. According to the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) organization, “If you can smell it, it could be killing you! And even if you can’t smell it, many of these cancer-causing chemicals can never-the-less be entering your lungs.”

Cigarettes are not only a danger to personal health but safety as well. Smoking-related fires kill an estimated 900 people every year, and an additional 2,500 people are injured, including children and nonsmokers.

There are hundreds of flammable materials in a modern home and just one slip up can result in a fire. People who smoke in bed are especially at risk of setting a fire since they have a higher chance of falling asleep and dropping the cigarette while it is still burning.

Keep Your Home Clean with Vaping

Give your house (and body) a deep cleaning this spring and switch to vaping. Vaping offers a safe alternative to satisfy nicotine cravings and retain the comfortable habit of smoking without exposing your home to dirt, grime, odor, and toxins.

Instead of smoke, vaping emits harmless and odorless water vapor which evaporates in the air leaving no residue or film on your furniture, carpet, or clothes.

Plus, vaping comes in an assortment of flavors from sweet to natural tobacco giving you the option of customizing your experience. Who knew cleaning could be so enjoyable?

If you haven’t already, browse through cape vaping supplies and order a vape starter kits with a 120ml supersize bigfindeal e juice. Try it out. Your body and your home will thank you.

Vape Box | A Monthly eJuice Subscription Service Review

Vape box is an e-juice subscription service, which means they send you a selection of e-liquids from the best brands based on your input. This can be especially useful for new vapers who have never picked out e-juices before and are unsure of what to choose. Moreover, you avoid the difficulty of shopping around separately at various companies.

This also means that you can try out a variety of e-liquids for a lesser price than you’d have to pay if you ordered multiple e-juices directly from different brands. And not to mention the multiple shipping costs. However, the important downside is that you might end up getting some e-juice flavors that you don’t like and will never use.

What Does Vape box Offer?

Vape box sends out e-liquids to their subscribed customers each month. There are three options for box size: three, six, or eleven bottles. In the questionnaire, you can select your relative experience as a vapor and flavor preferences.

The company is quickly becoming one of the most popular vape liquid providers in the United States, as well as internationally. In addition to their e-liquids, they also have a wide range of vape apparels.

The vape juice subscription process requires you to select a bunch of your favorite flavors and some flavors that you don’t want. It takes a while to complete the questions, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you are unsure of what types of flavors you’ll like, you can let Vape box select the flavors for you. We, however, picked strawberries, cereal, cream and candy flavors.

There are three options for box size featuring three, six, or eleven bottles, respectively. Before you complete your order, you can select your with vaping: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Whatever you selected allows the team to assess your vaping habits, expectations, and device you would be using.

The monthly subscription  prices for these boxes are:

  • SAMPLER PLAN                $20 for 45ml of e-liquid – 3+ bottles of e-juice
  • JUICE LOVER PLAN       $32 for 75ml of e-liquid – 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • ENTHUAST PLAN            $60 for 75ml of e-liquid /4+ bottles of e-juice /1-2 hardware and/or accessories Member-only discounts

The shipping rates within the the USA for all three boxes are reasonable as well:

  • Sampler: Shipping cost $4
  • Juice lovers: Shipping cost $5
  • Enthusiast: Shipping cost $6

The Flavors – How Was the Curation?

Variety Of Products

The company vape box clearly understands customer needs and always provided really lots of products and varieties for you.

Vape box is very proud to introduce their premium quality e-Juices & Starter Kit collections. With a VapeBox subscription and the Fresh Start Starter Kits, you’ll have everything you need to make the switch to vaping.


Here is what comes with your VapeBox SAMPLER PLAN  starter kits:

  • 2 x Batteries. Variable Voltage 650mAh Twist Batteries. 3.2-4.8 volts. To simplify the experience for you, we chose not to include the voltage markings on the battery.
  • 1 x  Tank. Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass. Equipped with variable airflow control. Similar to Kanger AeroTank.
  • 1 x Dual coil replaceable atomizer. Uses Kanger AeroTank style replacement coils.
  • 1 x Beauty ring to elegantly connect the ZB Battery to the ZB Tank.
  • 1 x USB charging unit
  • 1 x Wall charging unit
  • 1 x White zipper carrying case

The process of ordering, as mentioned previously, is a little lengthy but straightforward. You have to choose your experience level, the flavors you want, the flavors you want to avoid, and nicotine strength, you’ll be presented with the option to select your choice of the three boxes.

It should be noted that Vapebox’s shipping prices are a little high even for regular U.S. shipping, but not prohibitive.



Vape box regularly offers deals and discounted prices, so you might find that the prices are different from what we have listed, depending on promotions. Another interesting offer – especially if you vape in groups – is that you can get one complimentary box when you order two boxes at regular price.

Monthly Billing Process

Unlike many of its competitors, Vape box has the simplest billing process. Every month the bill is calculated on the basis of the latest prices for that month.

Refund Policy

Vape box doesn’t clearly delineate their refund policy, only saying that they “will work with you to correct the situation. Depending on the situation, this may or may not result in a full refund.” Probably don’t expect to be refunded for flavors you dislike.


Vape box has kept the packaging simple, elegant and secured all at the same time. They use a lot of foam, and the product is packed in a way that no matter how badly the package is treated, you’ll still get all your bottles in perfect condition (no leakage or breakage).

As far as the usage is concerned, all bottles had a dropper with labels reflecting the flavor. You can even refill the tank for future use.

Customer Service

We contacted Vape box customer service the day after placing our order. Our email got a response within 24 hours, with a detailed solution to our issue. Their quick response and thorough resolution of our issues are very satisfactory.

Visit Vape Box and get your subscription now.