CBDfx CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture Review

Tinctures are one of the most popular CBD products on the market, and there are many reasons for this including the fact that they’re fast-acting and easy to use. Studies show that CBD oil drops have numerous benefits for the body. If you’re looking for a CBD tincture to maintain your general wellness, one of the best options is CBDfx’s CBD + CBD Wellness Tincture.

CBDfx has been around for some years and has earned a solid reputation thanks to its commitment to providing top-shelf CBD products. The company gets its CBD extract from organically grown, GMO-free hemp plants. The hemp plants undergo C02 extraction, and this guarantees you get the purest hemp extract without any impurities or solvent from the extraction process.

We all know about the healing benefits of CBD, but do you know about CBG? CBD stands for Cannabigerol. CBG is another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Studies show that CBD has numerous health benefits including fighting pain, nausea, inflammation, and so much more.

To create this CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture, CBDfx combined CBD and CBG at a ratio of 2:1. So, for every two parts of CBD, you get one CBG concentration. This tincture contains broad spectrum hemp extract, so apart from CBD and CBG, it also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. All these cannabinoids work together in what is known as the “entourage effect” to improve your general health and keep you feeling strong.

Apart from cannaninoids, this tincture also contains curcumin and coenzymeQ10. In case you’re wondering what curcumin is, this is the active ingredient in turmeric. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Studies show that using curcumin can lower your chances of getting certain diseases. It also boosts weight loss, improves brain function, balances your mood, and so much more. The coenzymeQ10 is a natural antioxidant produced by the body and is central to energy production. As we age, the amount of coenzymeQ10 produced by the body gradually reduces. This tincture supplies your body with coenzyme10 which can be synthesized to boost your energy levels and have you feeling healthy.

It is very easy to use CBDfx CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture. Simply put one or two drops of this tincture under your tongue and leave it there for a minute. The oil is absorbed by the blood vessels under your tongue and goes directly into your bloodstream. You will start feeling the effect in a few minutes. All CBDfx products are made with all-natural ingredients. They’re GMO-free and suitable for vegans. But don’t take my word for it – this product has been tested by a third-party laboratory. You will find the test results on the CBDfx website.

CBDfx’s CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture is available with different concentration levels – 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg, and 6000mg. The price of the tincture varies depending on the concentration level that you choose.

CBDFx CBD Oil Tinctures Review

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a component of hemp, a variety of Cannabis sativa. CBD is popular and has been heavily researched. CBD offers a lot of health benefits for humans and animals. And it does not have any psychoactive effects making it ideal for people to consume safely. Examples of conditions that CBD provides relief for are anxiety, chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders. Insomnia and many others. CBD is federally legal in the US, and many brands have a variety of CBD-based products on the market. CBDFx established in 2014 is arguably one of the best CBD brands in the US. This company has made a name among CBD enthusiasts for the quality of its products. CBDFx CBD products range from oils, capsules, vape juice, topicals, gummies, creams, and, others. This company also offers CBD products for pets. The focus of this post will be on CBD oil by CBDFx.

CBDFx offers 8 different CBD oil tinctures which include CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture, CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture, CBD Oil Sleep Tincture, CBD Oil For Pets – Small Breeds, CBD Oil For Pets – Medium Breeds, CBD Oil For Pets – Large Breeds, and CBD Oil for Pets – Large Breeds. 

CBDFx CBD oil tinctures are made using high-quality CBD extracted from organically grown hemp. This company only works with US-based farms for its hemp. All products by this company are made using CO2 extracted CBD. CBDFx CBD oils contain broad-spectrum CBD offering all the other components of the hemp plant. Besides CBD, these CBDFx tinctures also contain CBG and CBN other cannabinoids. Although CBDFx CBD oils contain full and broad-spectrum CBD, their THC content is low. All CBDFx products contain only 0.3 percent for full-spectrum CBD. CBDFx oils containing broad-spectrum CBD contains 0.01 percent of THC. The THC content of these CBD oils is not enough to get you high or make you fail a drug test. 

All CBD oils by CBDFx are Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and don’t contain any chemical flavors. This company ensures that all its products have been tested by a third-party lab before being sold. And the results of the lab report are available for customers to read. Every CBD product comes with a QR code that can be traced to the corresponding lab results. These results allow customers to see how every product was produced before ingesting it. 

CBDFx CBD oil tinctures are made to be potent and come in a wide range of CBD concentrations 500mg up to 6000mg. These CBDFx oils are easy to use and can be assimilated into your daily routine without too much stress. These CBD oils can be consumed in different ways. You can take it sublingually and let it sit on your capillaries for about 60 seconds for increased absorption. Another way to use it is by placing a few drops in a smoothie or drink of choice. According to CBDFx, these CBD oils take about 30-90 minutes to be felt. 

CBD oil tinctures by CBDFx can be bought directly from the CBDFx online shop. CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture 500-6000mg goes for $39.99 to $199.99, CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture 500-6000mg, CBD Oil Sleep Tincture 500-6000mg, CBD Oil For Pets – Small Breeds 250mg $29.99, CBD Oil For Pets – Medium Breeds 500mg $44.99, CBD Oil For Pets – Large Breeds 1000mg, and CBD Oil for Pets – Large Breeds 2000mg (Extra Strength) for $99.99. 

Buying directly from CBDFx is great, you can be sure of the authenticity of the product. And CBDFx offers easy shopping and excellent customer service. This company also offers different promotion options that allow you to save money. You can save up to 20% off every purchase done with the W/Code Wellness currently available at the CBDFx online store.

Pango Salt-Nic by Northern Nectar Review

Pango is a high-quality e-juice offering a blend of sweet and sour flavors. This Northern Nectar e-juice has the flavor of ripe mangoes and pineapples. These flavors come together nicely to make Pango a refreshing vape. Pango has a lasting organic flavor with a delicate taste. This Northern Nectar e-liquid is ideal for all-day vaping. When you inhale Pango, it is the taste of the ripe pineapple flavors that you first taste. And on the exhale, the sweetness of the mango flavor takes over the juicy pineapple flavors. The taste of Pango is consistent and never becomes harsh or tastes artificial. Pango is the kind of e-liquid you recommend to your family and friends. 

Pango by Northern Nectar contains 50/50 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). You can vape this e-juice using any low-wattage vaping device. It is best not to vape Pango using an RDA or sub-ohm tank. You can practice cloud tricks from vaping this nic salt e-liquid. Pango is the kind of e-juice that will appeal to vapers who enjoy chasing clouds. 

Pango by Northern Nectar contains different concentration levels of nicotine salt 20mg, or 50mg. Pango does not hurt the throat. However, you get a nice throat hit from vaping this e-juice. When you vape this e-liquid, you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable aftertaste. 

Pango by Northern Nectar comes in 30ml plastic chubby bottles available for sale at Hazetown Vapes for $21.00. Apart from Pango, you can buy many other flavors in the Northern Nectar series via the Hazetown Vapes online store. You can buy a nicotine salt version and a freebase version of Pango via this shop. 

Hazetown Vapes is arguably one of the best vape stores offering top-notch quality products at affordable prices. Besides Northern Nectar, other e-liquid brands available at this store are Philip Rocke E-Liquid, BB Vapes, Twisted Chill, PUFF Salt, Salt Nix, Hope Salt Nix, Twist E-Liquid, Thick Oil Juice Co., Salt Nix Boost, Spectrum E-Liquids, SMAX E-Liquid, Dinner LadyTuck Shop, Norther Shore Vapor, Nata E-Liquids, Pistash Liquids, and many others.

You are guaranteed excellent customer service when you buy from this store. You can contact this store with your inquires and be sure of receiving quick replies. And the Hazetown Vapes online store is designed to be user-friendly and makes for easy shopping. This store offers a same-day delivery service and 24/7 shipping on all orders. Hazetown Vapes accepts different payment systems that make shopping easier.

Heisenberg E-liquid by Vampire Vape Nic Salt Review

Vaping enthusiasts have always had the opportunity to choose from a variety of e-juice flavors from different brands. In recent years, brands have started selling e-liquids made with nicotine salt. It is widely accepted that nicotine salt is more effective than freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt gives you stronger and quicker nicotine buzz. And e-liquids containing nicotine salt tend to have a smoother flavor than those containing freebase nicotine.

Heisenberg is a superb vape juice belonging to the Vampire Vape Nic Salt collection. This vape juice offers the flavor of mixed fruits and a touch of menthol. Heisenberg is the kind of e-juice that will keep you feeling refreshed, especially during summer. This Vampire Vape Nic Salt e-liquid will appeal to vapers who enjoy tropical flavors.

When you vape Heisenberg, the taste of sweet fruits fills your taste buds. And when you exhale, the icy menthol flavor comes alive. You will hardly get tired of vaping this Vampire Vape Nic Salt e-juice.

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape Nic Salt is produced with high-quality ingredients including Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This vape juice comes with 50/50 percent VG and PG. This vape juice contains premium nicotine salt in different strength levels; 10mg or 20mg. Since Heisenberg contains nicotine salt it is best to vape it using low-wattage devices. It is not advisable to vape Heisenberg using a sub-ohm tank or RDA. 

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape Nic Salt comes in 10ml bottles and is widely available for sale. However, you get the best vape deals when you buy from Vape Green. You can buy a bottle of this vape juice from this UK vape store for £3.99.

Vape Green is one of the best stores in the UK offering great deals on e-liquids. This vape shop has a collection of some of the best nicotine salt flavors on the market. Besides e-liquids, Vape Green also other vaping accessories and products like vape kits, tanks, coils, pods, batteries, wire, and cotton.

CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails by CBDFx Review

Anyone well-informed about CBD knows how crowded the market is with tons of CBD products available. Many brands are offering CBD products of different flavors and types. In the United States, CBDFx is considered one of the best. This company has earned its reputation by consistently putting out premium CBD products. CBDFx has a range of CBD products that include gummies, oil tinctures, capsules, drinks, edibles, vape juice, vape pen & kits, CBD creams & topicals. CBDFx also offers CBD products for pets.

People need to buy CBD products from certified brands like CBDFx. At CBDFx, you can be sure that every product is 100 percent natural and without any chemical solvents. CBDFx CBD products are also vegan-friendly. Cruelty-free. And to ensure quality, CBDFx also has all its products tested by a third-party lab. Every product sold by CBDFx has been tested for impurities, and the results of these tests are made public. You can download the results of these tests directly from the CBDFx online shop.

Out of the many products in the CBDFx gummies collection, CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails. The gummies are some of the most sought-after in the CBDFx collection. CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails are designed to promote healthy bone mass and hair. These CBDFx gummies have a delicious taste offering the flavor of Cherry Blossom. With these gummies, you don’t need to only depend on CBD ointment to enjoy its benefits on your hair and nails.

CBDFx CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails contains Biotin famous for promoting follicle health. Biotin is a naturally occurring B vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy. And Biotin plays other vital roles in achieving optimal health.

CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails contain 10mg of CBD per serving. And you get 5000mcg of Biotin per serving.

CBDFx CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails comes with classic packaging. These CBD gummies are orange, and the jar is transparent with a light blue label. The CBDFx logo is boldly printed on the logo and other relevant information about these CBDFx CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails. And all CBDFx products have been tested by a third part company. The results of these tests are available for customers to read. There is one available for the CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails.

You can buy a jar of these CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair & Nails directly from the CBDFx online shop for $29.99. These gummies are typically sold for $49.99, so you save some money.

 CBDFx has a simple and easy-to-use online platform that makes shopping fun. This store also offers fast shipping services on all orders, both local and international. CBDFx also provides free shipping on some orders. You can easily reach CBDFx with any question and be sure of receiving a prompt reply. This CBD store offers excellent customer service. 

Bam’s Cannoli Captain Cannoli E-juice Review

Captain Cannoli is a superb vape juice by Bam’s Cannoli. This is arguably one of the best dessert vape juice blends on the market. This e-liquid is produced with premium ingredients. Captain Cannoli offers the flavor of crunchy cereal flowing with vanilla. Both flavors are well blended, and none becomes overpowering. Also, you can vape this all day and not get bored.

Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli presents the flavor of cannoli on the inhale. And when you exhale, the creamy vanilla flavor comes out. The sweetness of the vanilla flavor flows throughout the inhale and exhale. This e-juice has a refreshing aftertaste with a long-lasting effect on the taste buds. You can boldly recommend Captain Cannoli to your friends who enjoy breakfast blends.

Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli contains 70 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 30 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). Captain Cannoli can work with a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

This e-liquid, arguably one of the best breakfast blends on the market, does not easily stain your coils. Captain Cannoli also produces massive clouds of vapor that will undoubtedly appeal to vapers who perform cloud tricks.

Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli produces abundant vapor clouds. Captain Cannoli also comes with different concentration levels of high-quality nicotine. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. Captain Cannoli has a smooth throat hit. Captain Cannoli by Captain Cannoli is available in 100ml bottles.

You can buy a bottle of this e-liquid from almost any vape store. However, you get the best prices when you buy from the Streamline online vape store. You can buy a bottle of Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli for $19.99. This e-juice is usually sold for 22.99, but you get a deal when you from this store.

The Bam’s Cannoli e-juice series has some of the best breakfast blends on the market. These e-liquids are all produced with top-shelf ingredients by experienced mixers. The Bam Bam Cannoli e-juice series has a reputation for being premium blends.

Besides Captain Cannoli, the other e-liquids in the Bam Cannoli e-juice series are Strawberry Cannoli and Birthday Cannoli. All these e-liquids come in 100ml bottles. Streamline Vape offers the best deals. Birthday Cannoli and Strawberry Cannoli are going for $19.99 like Captain Cannoli.

Streamline Vape also offers excellent shipping services. You can be sure your order will arrive on time.

CBD Tincture Oil by CBDfx Review

CBDfx is a California-based company that has been around since 2015. This company is known for making one of the best CBD tincture on the market today.

I recently decided to buy CBDfx in oil tincture form. A 30mL bottle of this tincture contains 100% organic CBD oil. There are only two ingredients in the mix namely hemp oil and MCT oil (derived from coconuts). The CBD oil tinctures from CBDfx contains full-spectrum CBD with no unnecessary additives.

The MCT oil (or medium-chain triglycerides) only serves as a carrier oil. MCTs are fatty acids that can easily break down and be converted to energy. According to CBDfx, the MCT oil is added to ensure that consumers can enjoy the maximum benefit of CBD.

Another impressive fact is that CBDfx sources its CBD from hemp plants that are organically grown in the EU. CBD oil is guaranteed gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan.

Each time I buy a product, I always check the packaging. The presentation tells you a lot about how much time and effort the company has invested in the product line. I also read the label and make sure everything that I need to know is stated. For me, this is very necessary to keep your customers aware and informed.

In terms of CBDfx tinctures, its packaging was uncomplicated and organized. The label on the bottle did not obstruct the view of the CBD oil tincture. You can easily check the liquid inside, which means CBDfx has nothing to hide.

All the ingredients and important information are readily readable. The bottle comes with a sturdy dropper as well. Reliable droppers are really handy especially when you are dosing your tinctures.

The oil tincture has a light gold color. For newbies, the color of the liquid will tell you the quality of the filtering so better do your homework about that.

As for the taste, well, what do you expect? CBDfx CBD oil tincture has a very natural taste. I love that it does not leave a nasty aftertaste. I found out that this has been a constant struggle for many people. The first time I tried it, a part of me was anticipating that strong, unpleasant aftertaste. I was actually surprised that there was none. Amazing!

Do know that the concentration is per bottle and not per mL. If you want to determine the CBD concentration per mL, simply divide the CBD strength with the bottle size.

The instruction on how to use the tincture can be found on the label. For beginners, it is best to start with a small amount. I started with one dropper full. You can gradually increase the dosage until you find the right level for you.

The manufacturer recommends that you put the oil under your tongue first for a minute before swallowing it. You can take the tincture directly into your mouth or add it to your food or beverage.

As an insomniac, the tincture helped me get better sleeps at night, thus I am productive work and in a better mood in the morning. However, our bodies have different responses, so the effect may vary from one person to another.

Apple Tobacco E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

Apple Tobacco is a delicious vape juice that will impress vapers who enjoy the juicy taste of apples and tobacco. This e-liquid blends both flavors excellently. Apple Tobacco is a classic e-liquid that offers the flavors of ripe Granny Smith apples and earthy tobacco flavors. Both flavors are of excellent quality and neither one of these flavors get overpowering in anyway. Apple Tobacco is one of the best blends of fruit and tobacco flavored e-liquids. The chances of you getting bored with this Humble Juice Co. e-liquid are rare. Apple Tobacco is one of those e-liquids that you can confidently vape all day long without getting bored. This e-liquid has an all-around delicious taste that spreads throughout its inhale and exhale effortlessly. Even the aftertaste of this vape juice is impressive and long-lasting. When you vape this e-liquid, it is the juicy taste of the apple flavor that comes alive. While the exhale offers the rich taste of earthy tobacco.

Apple Tobacco by Humble Juice Co. is a superb e-liquid produced with high-quality ingredients. This vape juice by Humble Juice Co. contains premium Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Apple Tobacco contains 80 percent VG and 20 percent PG. This vape juice does not stain your coils as quickly as other fruit and tobacco flavored e-liquids. You can vape Apple Tobacco and be sure that it will not stain coils. Apple Tobacco produces huge clouds of vapor with every hit you take. If you enjoy chasing clouds, then the chances of you loving this e-liquid is enormous.

Apple Tobacco by Humble Juice Co. also contains premium quality nicotine in different concentration levels. This vape juice comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. This Humble e-liquid has a smooth throat hit that does not hurt the throat when you vape. All you get is the smoothness of both flavors combined.

The Humble Juice Co. is a vape juice manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. This company is well known by across the world this company for its classic vape juice blends. This company has an impressive collection of different vape juice series produced with some of the finest ingredients. Humble Juice Co. has a lot of e-liquids lines on the market, some examples of their best sellers are Humble, Humble Ice, Havana, Havoc, HMBL, HMBL Salt, I Love Salts, Reds, and many others.

Apple Tobacco is a part of Humble Havana Juice line. The Humble Juice line blends tobacco, menthol, coffee, fruits, and other flavors with other fresh tobacco leaves. Besides Apple Tobacco, the other flavors in this e-juice lines are Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco. Caramel Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Wintergreen Tobacco, and Peanut Tobacco.

You can buy a bottle of Apple Tobacco from the Humble Juice Co. online store of $18.49. Humble Juice Co. provides fast shipping, and they also have excellent customer service.

Sweet Tobacco by Havana Juice Review

Sweets and tobacco tend to go well together, so it is no wonder you will find many sweet tobacco e-liquids on the market. There are two e-juice blends in the Havana Juice series with the flavor of tobacco and confectionery; Caramel Tobacco and Sweet Tobacco. This review is about the latter.

Now, what do you think when you read the name Sweet Tobacco. I imagined that this e-juice tastes like what you get when you put candy in your mouth while puffing on a fine Cuban cigar and I wasn’t off the mark. Sweet Tobacco is a blend of yummy dulce de leche and earthy tobacco flavor. The flavor of this e-juice is rich, but it is not too intense. It is easy to fall in love with the smooth, sweet taste of this e-juice. Although the tobacco flavor is quite light, you can still taste it. When vaping Sweet Tobacco, you can taste the dulce de leche on the inhale. On the exhale, you still get the dulce de leche, but there is a hint of tobacco. If you are expecting a bold tobacco flavor from this e-liquid, you may be a little disappointed. This is an impressive e-juice, and it leaves nothing to be desired.

Sweet Tobacco can certainly be an all day vape. It will not give you vaper’s tongue, and you quickly get sick of how it tastes. If you are making the transition from smoking to vaping, this is an excellent option.

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Sweet Tobacco is 70/30. Although this is a MAX VG e-liquid, it is not too thick. Also, the flavor is spot-on delicious. You will enjoy this e-juice whether you choose to vape it using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). As a flavor chaser, I prefer using an RDA. The vapor production of Sweet Tobacco is terrific. You will get large clouds of thick vapor from every puff. This e-juice will appeal to you whether you are a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser.

Like all the other e-liquids in the Havana Juice series, Sweet Tobacco comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. If you are unsure about which nicotine level to choose, I suggest you go for the 3mg version. If you are not satisfied with the throat hit and nicotine buzz that you get, then you can increase the nicotine level next time. On the other hand, if you want a strong throat hit, the 6mg or 12mg versions would do. Alternatively, you can mix this e-liquid with a nicotine booster or with another vape juice that has a higher nicotine level.

Sweet Tobacco has the same classic packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids in the Havana Juice series. It comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a brown and white label on the bottle which features the Havana Juice logo and all the usual information.

The Havana Juice line is made up of nine spectacular tobacco e-liquids. Apart from Sweet Tobacco, the others are Caramel Tobacco, Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Wintergreen Tobacco, Apple Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, and Peanut Tobacco.

You can get a 60ml bottle of Sweet Tobacco or any other e-liquid in this series for just $18.49 at the Humble Juice Company online store. This shop is a one-stop place to buy all your vaping supplies. Apart from e-liquids, Humble Juice also sells vaping devices and accessories. You can even get e-liquids at wholesale prices from this company if you are a retailer.

American Dream E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

Have you ever had Krispie Treats cereal? Was this one of your favorite breakfast meals during your childhood? Do you know that you can get the amazing taste of this cereal in an e-juice? American Dream by Humble Juice Co. is a blend of rice krispie cereal and fluffy marshmallow flavor.  This is a mouthwatering e-juice that will captivate your taste buds from your very first puff. The taste of American Dream is just as exciting as you imagine. The flavor is bold and authentic. You can taste the different flavors distinctly.

American Dream is one of those e-liquids that gets better with every hit. You can vape this fruity pebbles cereal e-juice all day long and not get sick of it. American Dream is up there among the best cereal e-liquids on the market. This vape juice tastes very much like the real thing. It will remind you of enjoying krispie treats before school during your childhood days. The taste of this vape liquid doesn’t change much on the inhale and exhale. This e-liquid makes for a fun vaping experience.

American Dream is manufactured in the United States by Humble Juice Co. This company, which has its laboratory in Los Angeles, makes some of the best vape juice blends on the market. The company is known for making high-quality e-liquids using the finest ingredients such as natural and artificial flavoring, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, and USP NicSelect Nicotine. This e-juice company has a vast collection of e-liquids under different series such as the Havoc Juice series, the Havana Juice series, the Humble Ice Juice series, the Hustle Juice series, the HMBL Juice series, and the Humble X Flawless series.

American Dream is just one of many impressive e-liquids in the original Humble Juice e-liquid line. Some of the others are Vape the Rainbow, Berry Blow Doe, Sweater Puppets, Smash Mouth, Humble Crumble, Pee Wee Kiwi, and Donkey Khan.

American Dream e-juice by Humble Juice Co. has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You can choose to vape this e-juice using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub ohm tank. American Dream produces dense clouds of vapor, so it is perfect for performing cloud tricks. Cloud chasers will undoubtedly be pleased with the vapor production of this e-liquid.

American Dream e-liquid by Humble Co. comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-juice comes with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. You will get a mild throat hit from this e-liquid even if you choose the version with 6mg of nicotine. You are unlikely to experience any throat hit from this e-juice because it is made with high-quality nicotine.

American Dream has the classic Humble Juice packaging design. The vape liquid is packed in a chubby gorilla unicorn plastic bottle with a childproof cap. You will find the  Humble Juice Co. logo printed on the bottle in the colors of the rainbow. The bottle also has the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength level and more. The bottle of e-juice comes in a cardboard box which features images of marshmallow, rice krispie cereals, and milk as well as much of the same information that you will find on the bottle.

You can buy a 120ml bottle of American Dream e-liquid from the Humble Juice Co. online shop for only $24.99. This company has some of the best prices on the market. Also, you will enjoy the best customer service at this store, and the delivery of orders is speedy.

American Dream comes pre-steeped from the factory. This means it is ready for vaping as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. If you find the flavor to be a little weak, feel free to steep it again for a few days or weeks.