Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt is a simple tobacco blend. It is not the first of its kind, but this time, you might just get an even more authentic kick that is perfect for when you need a taste of the old days, or when you just want to try out something you have never tried out before. 

Pod Salt is an ejuice brand dedicated to nicotine salt vapes. They are committed to helping more smokers make the successful switch from tobacco by providing the best possible alternative. They have an array of award-winning, British-made e juices that deliver the smoothest and most refreshing vaping experience any vaper could ask for. The nicotine salt that they use in their ejuice formula allows your body to absorb nicotine much faster than traditional ejuices.

Some of their ejuices include Mixed Berries Ice, Lychee Ice, Cuban Creme, Fresh Mint, Blue Raspberry, etc. 

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid treats your taste buds to an authentic tobacco flavor. On both the inhale and exhale, you are treated to a robust, smoky flavor that remains consistent even down to the last drop of ejuice. The ejuice has a somewhat woody finish that makes you feel like you were puffing on the real deal. 

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

The flavor is just like when you roll your own. If you have never smoked a tobacco cigarette before, this is as close as you may ever get without having to deal with the char. 

In terms of the base, i.e. vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt features 50 percent VG and 50 percent PG, making it a balanced ejuice mix. Some of the benefits of this unique ratio are the bold and flowing flavor that your tastebuds bask in every time you vape, as well as discreet vapor. 

The ejuice formula is designed to be used with mouth-to-lung devices. It is also designed to deliver low vapor production thanks to the percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG) used in the ejuice mixture. This way, you can take an element of stealth and discreteness with you wherever you go. 

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Saltis available in 11mg nicotine strength (18mg Nicotine Salicylate) and 20mg nicotine strength (36mg Nicotine Salicylate), so you get to choose whichever suits you prefer to vape. Thanks to the nicotine salt formula, you won’t have to bother about harsh throat hits or an itchy sensation in your throat while you vape. 

Nicotine salts are found naturally in tobacco leaves and consist of both nicotine and salicylate. They are not only absorbed faster, but they also last longer and produce a greater level of satisfaction than traditional ejuices. This also means that a bottle would last much longer since you get instant satisfaction that leaves your nicotine cravings at bay for a long time. 

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

All of Pod Salt ejuices are mixed and bottled in the UK, and they all feature the same style of packaging which is a box housing the ejuice bottle. On the box is information about the ejuice. In the case of Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid, it is available in a 10ml TPD compliant bottle with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal. You can buy this ejuice at Vape Green for £3.99. 

With Vape Green, you not only get quality service, but also free shipping on all your orders above £20, as well as same-day delivery if you place your order before 3 PM.

Cigarette Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt is designed to reward you with an exceptionally smooth vaping experience complemented by high nicotine delivery. If you are a tobacco lover, this ejuice is a must-have, and one that you would not be disappointed by. 

Review of Hazetown Vapes

There is a great difference between black market cannabis and vaping products. So many people have failed to recognize the difference between the two and as such attribute the health issues which are caused by black market cannabis to vape products. Some people also believe that there can be no genuine dealers on healthy vape products, e-cigarettes and the rest. This misconceptions and bad impressions are the reason for the emergence of Hazetown Vapes. Having the best interest of the masses at heart, the company investigates into various vaping products and make the best available for purchases at their store.

Black market cannabis products contain harmful substances that are dangerous to health. In the black market, there is an unregulated addition of nicotine and other substances in the production of products. This is different in the vaping industry. The use of nicotine salts in the e-liquids are regulated and not all vaping products contain nicotine. Certain flavours are nicotine-free while still producing wonderful vaping effects.

In vaping products, there is an absence of smokes associated with traditional smoking and tobacco products. There are only flavoured liquids that are converted to vapour through the vaping machines. Vapers only inhale the flavoured vapour from the vaping devices without the presence of smokes. The vaping products that contain nicotine pass through health agencies that certify that the level of nicotine content is healthy for consumption.

At Hazetown online vape shop Canada, there is an organized interface that is customer friendly. All vaping products that are available at the physical stores are also displayed at the online store for online purchases and delivery. The products are categorized and each category has a list of products that can be purchased. With the relevant titles of the different categories, it is possible to make purchases at the website even as a new vaper with little or no knowledge of the vaping products.

There are eight categories; brands, starter kits, disposables, tanks, devices, pods, e-liquids, rebuildables, accessories and sale. Each category displays subcategories and over thirty products. When navigating through these subcategories, the myths about vaping will indeed be disbanded and things will become clearer. With tons of e-liquid juices available and flavours of different kinds, vaping becomes an interesting venture for everyone. To enjoy all the features at it is best to create a profile from the account section at the top right section of the page.

With an account, it is possible to make use of the cart to store products that click your interest for later purchases. Products put in the cart are saved and users can come back at any time to complete the purchases. An account also records your purchases to give you a personalized experience and suggest products that are related to your previous purchases and searches. The discounts that are available at the site also become accessible with an account. As an account owner, you are able to receive emails directly from the company and gain first-class information about new products or recent developments at the website.

Pango Salt-Nic by Northern Nectar Review

Pango is a high-quality e-juice offering a blend of sweet and sour flavors. This Northern Nectar e-juice has the flavor of ripe mangoes and pineapples. These flavors come together nicely to make Pango a refreshing vape. Pango has a lasting organic flavor with a delicate taste. This Northern Nectar e-liquid is ideal for all-day vaping. When you inhale Pango, it is the taste of the ripe pineapple flavors that you first taste. And on the exhale, the sweetness of the mango flavor takes over the juicy pineapple flavors. The taste of Pango is consistent and never becomes harsh or tastes artificial. Pango is the kind of e-liquid you recommend to your family and friends. 

Pango by Northern Nectar contains 50/50 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). You can vape this e-juice using any low-wattage vaping device. It is best not to vape Pango using an RDA or sub-ohm tank. You can practice cloud tricks from vaping this nic salt e-liquid. Pango is the kind of e-juice that will appeal to vapers who enjoy chasing clouds. 

Pango by Northern Nectar contains different concentration levels of nicotine salt 20mg, or 50mg. Pango does not hurt the throat. However, you get a nice throat hit from vaping this e-juice. When you vape this e-liquid, you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable aftertaste. 

Pango by Northern Nectar comes in 30ml plastic chubby bottles available for sale at Hazetown Vapes for $21.00. Apart from Pango, you can buy many other flavors in the Northern Nectar series via the Hazetown Vapes online store. You can buy a nicotine salt version and a freebase version of Pango via this shop. 

Hazetown Vapes is arguably one of the best vape stores offering top-notch quality products at affordable prices. Besides Northern Nectar, other e-liquid brands available at this store are Philip Rocke E-Liquid, BB Vapes, Twisted Chill, PUFF Salt, Salt Nix, Hope Salt Nix, Twist E-Liquid, Thick Oil Juice Co., Salt Nix Boost, Spectrum E-Liquids, SMAX E-Liquid, Dinner LadyTuck Shop, Norther Shore Vapor, Nata E-Liquids, Pistash Liquids, and many others.

You are guaranteed excellent customer service when you buy from this store. You can contact this store with your inquires and be sure of receiving quick replies. And the Hazetown Vapes online store is designed to be user-friendly and makes for easy shopping. This store offers a same-day delivery service and 24/7 shipping on all orders. Hazetown Vapes accepts different payment systems that make shopping easier.

NIIN Nicotine Pouches: Cinnamon – Review

If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy high-quality nicotine whether you are on the go or at home, nicotine pouches may just be your best bet. In the inception of nicotine pouches, one could almost say that they seemed insignificant, but the popularity of them in the market seems to be growing exponentially as the day goes by. Today, we now have manufacturers like NIIN that even decided to step up the experience a notch by manufacturing a unique line of nicotine pouches that prove to be quite different from many of the nicotine pouches you can find on the market. 

About NIIN

NIIN is a relatively new contender in the market, well known for their synthetic nicotine version of nicotine pouches. NIIN is founded on the principles of innovation and progress with an aim to pave the future towards a world that is beyond the tobacco leaf. This is clearly seen in the choice of the nicotine that they use in their nicotine pouches. 

What Is Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is the same as tobacco-free nicotine. It is entirely synthesized within a certified laboratory. While it may be quite similar to tobacco-derived nicotine on a molecular level, synthetic nicotine does not contain any  tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). Since it is a pure form of nicotine, synthetic nicotine may offer a much higher nicotine satisfaction with potentially less risk than tobacco-derived nicotine. Also, synthetic nicotine is tasteless and odorless so you do not attract any unnecessary attention to yourself when using it. 

NIIN Nicotine Pouches

NIIN Nicotine Pouches: Cinnamon (3mg and 6mg) - Review

According to NIIN, their nic pouches feature zero-tobacco nicotine or synthetic nicotine which simply means that the nicotine is not gotten from any part of the tobacco plant. NIIN nicotine pouches are moist portion pouches which are manufactured using pre-mostening technology so you get an almost instant release of nicotine once you place it in your mouth. The pouch itself, being 34mm in size, is larger than most other nicotine pouches. Its features are refined material made with superior construction that makes it soft and comfortable for better mouthfeel. 

Inside the pouch is where all the magic begins; NIIN makes use of tobacco-free nicotine that is manufactured at an industrial scale at a cGMP-approved pharmaceutical synthetic ingredient manufacturing facility. In addition to nicotine, NIIN laos makes use of cellulose, salt, sodium, bicarbonate glycol, vegetable glycerin, potassium sorbate, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose in their nicotine pouches. 

NIIN nicotine pouches allow you to choose from either 3mg or 6mg of nicotine, depending on your preference.

Flavor Profile

Cinnamon seems to be a flavor that is quite common with nicotine pouches and it is easy to see why once you get to try it. The flavor is one that you would actually get to enjoy on a normal day so in a nicotine pouch, it should give just as much satisfaction. In terms of the aroma, the cinnamon comes clearly through, right from when you even open up the tin. Once you place it in your mouth, you get to engage your taste buds in its lightly sweet taste that has a little spice added to it. Overall, the flavor is delicious and yet mild, rather than it being overwhelming. On average, the flavor would keep at bay in your mouth for about 40 to 45 minutes.

NIIN nicotine pouches also come in other tasty flavors that might intrigue your taste buds just as much as they do with cinnamon. They have:

  • Cool Mint
  • Citrus Chill
  • Spearmint
  • Wintergreen

How To Use NIIN Nicotine Pouches

NIIN Nicotine Pouches: Cinnamon (3mg and 6mg) - Review

Just like any other nicotine pouch, NIIN nicotine pouches are also a hands-free, orally consumed product. Simply take a pouch out of the tin and place it between your gum and inner lip. You would begin to notice a warm, tingling sensation as soon as the nicotine starts to release. You can leave the pouch in place for about 10 to 30 minutes depending on your preference. Once you are done, simply throw the pouch away. 


Each tin of NIIN nicotine pouches contains 20 nicotine-primed pouches. The 3mg nicotine version contains 3mg per pouch or 6 mg/g in total. The 6mg contains 6mg per pouch or 12 mg/g in total. The best part is that you can get a single can of NIIN nicotine pouches for $4.49 and a 5-can pack for $21.45 on

Review of Hyde Edge

Vaping is becoming more appealing everyday. Today, there are a lot of portable disposable pod systems to choose from for a smooth and long-lasting vaping experience. Vapes have proven to be more reliable and safer than traditional cigarettes with lower risk factors. Today, people looking to switch from smoking cigarettes can simply pick up a vaping device. There are many disposable pod system on the market today, one of them is the Hyde Edge.

You can get the Hyde Edge at the Black Vapors online store for only $12.95. This vape shop is known for its bargain prices and discount offers. For example, you get 10% off your first order at this store.

The Hyde Park disposable pod system is designed to be able to hold more e-liquid than the average pod system. It comes with a prefilled e-liquid capacity of 6ml. The battery capacity of the Hyde Edge is 1100 mAh. This device will give you approximately 1500 puffs from this device before you’ll need to dispose it. You can vape for a very long time before it runs out of e-liquid and the battery dies.

The Hyde Edge disposable vape comes with 50mg worth of nicotine. And you get to make your choice from about 16 different flavors. These tasty flavors include Pink Lemonade, blue razz, cherry lemonade, honey few punch, spearmint, peach mango watermelon, lush ice, mango ice, strawberries and cream, pineapple ice, banana ice, strawberry banana, pineapple peach mango, aloe grape, blue razz ice and neon rain. These e-liquids are sure to thrill your taste buds.

When you order from Blackout Vapors, you can expect the product(s) to be delivered within 2-3 working days.