How to Stay Busy When Craving an Electronic Cigarette

Some people switch to electronic cigarettes to reap the benefits of being able to still get their nicotine fix without all the added chemicals of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Others will use e-cigs as a stepping stone to help ease the pain of quitting smoking altogether by cutting down your nicotine slowly by purchasing e-juice that contains less nicotine and gradually going down until you reach zero milligrams of nicotine in your e-juice. Once you have reached zero, you make want to get rid of the ecig altogether, and that could be hard considering it has become part of a routine, and that can be sometimes harder to break than a nicotine addictions. Here are some helpful tips to help you substitute the behaviour for something different and help you stay busy during those cravings. See more!

Brush Your Teeth

Nothing can beat the feeling of a nice clean mouth. Even though the e-juice in an electronic cigarette is tasty, it still leaves a film in your mouth afterwards. If you are trying to drop the habit of using e-cigs, try going and brushing your teeth for a couple minutes until the craving goes away. Not only will you beat your craving, but you will have fresh smelling breath as well!

Drink Cold Water

Cravings usually last only a couple of minutes, and if you have already gone down to zero milligrams of nicotine, they should not be that intense. Try sipping on a glass of ice cold water or flavoured juice. Drinking something will take your mind of the craving long enough for it to subside.

Go For a Jog

If you are craving an e-cig because of stress, try going for a jog or a walk. The fresh air will make you instantly feel better, and it will help relieve stress. A lot of people recommend this option because you can run right through your craving.

Doodle or Draw

Dealing with cravings is mostly about keeping your hands busy. Carrying around a notepad and a pen to just doodle on is an excellent way to do this, especially if you have a craving for an e-cig while you are on the phone.

Find Support

It is important to have a support system when you try to quit any addiction and quitting smoking or ecigs is no acceptation. It is much easier to get through it if you can talk to someone while you are having a craving. This person can remind you of why you are quitting and motivate you to not relapse. Learn more details at:


Quitting smoking is extremely hard, and even if you are using an electronic cigarette to help you, eventually you will have to quit using that too in order to be the healthiest you  that you can be. The good news is, that there are thousands of people who free themselves from smoking addiction every day, and there is no reason why you can’t be one of those people. All it takes is a lot of will power and determination and you can be a new you, smoke free and healthy.

The Secret to Quit Smoking Is Simply Using the Right Supports

Everyone has heard of vaping by now and it truly seems to be one of the more popular methods to help people give up smoking. However, anyone who wants to quit will say how difficult it can be to actually give this habit up on a permanent basis. Despite what you might think, smoking can take hold of you and it refuses to let go too. It’s a tough base and sometimes what you need is the right support—and, of course, a good quitting method. Is the secret to giving up smoking the right support?

Consider Vaping to Quit

One of the top ways to give up smoking is to vape. Vaping really is one of the more popular methods of today simply because it gives the body the appearance of smoking without actually consuming nicotine. You can get nicotine flavors and everything else but there is no nicotine involved which is ideal for those who really want to kick the habit. As most will know, smoking is bad for you and even though you want to give up, it’s hard to do so which means you need to trick the body into believing it’s getting what it craves. It’s a strange concept but it’s true and that’s vital when it comes to giving up. to read more , visit : Secret to Quit Smoking Is Simply Using the Right Supports

Good Support Is Needed

In truth, there are many secrets to quit smoking and one of them is the type of support being offered to you. It’s good to say you’re taking steps to give up but that can go only so far, you need the right support to help ensure you are able to continue to avoid cigarettes. For example, if someone is also trying to quit, you both can be a support element for one another. That is going to prove very useful and it will certainly allow you to get the support you need. However, you could join a support group or just use the people around you to be your support. You can rely on your family and close friends to help keep you away from cigarettes. Vaping can go so far but you do need support as well. click here for more info.

Ask for Support

It doesn’t matter if you are vaping and are continuing to stay away from cigarettes, you still need that support. Why does it matter? It’s down to how easy it’s going to be to quit smoking. It’s hard at the best of times and even when you have found an alternative, you can still struggle. However, when you look towards getting support you can hopefully stay away from smoking. It’s really useful and certainly it’s something you will want to consider when you are giving up smoking.

Quit Smoking and Get Support

When you are going to try and give up smoking, you have to ensure there is good support available. It really matters and it will help you in a variety of ways. There are lots of simple ways to get support and there are surprisingly a lot of support methods available as well. You have to try and look at support even when you aren’t sure it’s needed. Vaping can be so useful.

Is it Better to Vape than to Smoke?

Vaping is very popular. For the last few decades, there have been health campaigns trying to get people to give up smoking. While it was all in the craze and in fashion during the ’60s, it’s not so much today. The truth is, back in the 1960s, very few people knew about the health risks and that meant most people tried them and used them on a daily basis. However, it might be time to look away from cigarettes and consider an alternative to smoking. Is it really better to vape than it is to smoke? click here for related info.

Smoking Is Bad for Your Health

In truth, smoking is seriously bad for your overall health. Cigarettes contain toxins and chemicals and they are not good for your body. However, when you look to vaping you will find it’s not as bad as cigarettes. Smoking is certainly not good for you and when you use a vape device, you may start to see slightly better results. You are going to find that if you vape, you are taking away some of the toxins and chemicals found in cigarettes and that can prove very useful in the short and long-term of the problem. Yes, a lot of people aren’t overly sure on vaping but it’s sometimes better than smoking. for further details, visit : it Better to Vape than to Smoke?

Try and See for Yourself

There have been a lot of discussions over vaping in recent years and the truth is there are always going to be good points and bad points about it as with anything in life. It is thought, though, that when you vape, it’s a little big healthier than smoking so maybe it is better than smoking. Of course, you don’t know until more studies than been conducted. If you are interested in giving up smoking then why not look towards vaping? When you vape, you can help readjust the body so that you are not constantly using cigarettes. It’s a useful concept to say the least and it’s certainly a smart way to help you move away from smoking too.

Understand What Vaping Really Is

If you are interested in giving up smoking, you might find it’s better to understand a little more about vaping. It will make a real difference and you can understand what vaping is all about and how it can help the body too. A lot of people don’t realize how important it can be to learn about such things and it will make a real difference. When the body wants to give up smoking but struggles to do so, opting to vape might prove to be the more effective solution. It’s certainly something you want to think about.

Vape than Smoke

Opting for vaping rather than smoking might be a far better solution. Smoking is not always good for the body and there are times when it’s difficult to walk away from cigarettes as well. However, when you look at a vape device, you might be able to get more value for money. What’s more, you might find it to be a little easier to move away from smoking altogether which is also ideal. Vaping is a fantastic option to consider and you shouldn’t be afraid to look into either.

5 Facts that Everyone Gets Wrong about Vaping

Smoking is popular and has been for decades but it is slowly becoming less popular as the demand for vaping has increased. You might not think too much about using a vape device and yet it is really quite popular today. However, it does seem as though people make simple mistakes when it comes to vaping. The following are just five simple facts that everyone seems to get wrong about vaping today. click here for more details.

It’s More Dangerous than Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous craze and people believe that vaping is just as dangerous. It can appear to be very dangerous but, in all honesty, it’s not as dangerous as smoking. There are risks with smoking but there aren’t so much health risks with vaping. That’s something which most people don’t fully understand when looking at a vape device.

You’re Still Getting Your Nicotine Hit

Nicotine is what is found within cigarettes and for most individuals they believe they’re going to get that when they vape. However, vaping doesn’t in fact contain nicotine. Yes, the e-liquids can have the nicotine flavors within but in reality they don’t contain the nicotine. That’s very important to remember when it comes to vaping as most people think they are going to get nicotine and there’s no point in trying to give up smoking. for more details, visit : Facts that Everyone Gets Wrong about Vaping

Young People Are More Likely to Smoke

Since there are more people using a vape device, it will encourage younger people to smoke. Young people are likely to take up smoking but it’s not because of the vaping or the devices out there. Smoking or vaping is an attractive prospect and as such, there will always be someone vaping. However, there is nothing to say they will be encouraged further to smoke or vape.

You Never Know What’s in E-Liquids

E-liquids are what are used when it comes to using a vape device and, of course, the liquids are somewhat untested. However, e-liquids and their ingredients are listed carefully on the bottles so that users know exactly what’s in them. Again, a lot of people believe there is anything and everything in these things but that’s not the case. Vaping e-liquids are fairly straightforward and most e-liquid bottles list the ingredients within.

It Will Encourage Smoking

There is also the myth that people believe vaping helps to encourage smoking. While it might seem that way, it is not really true. Yes, people might like the idea of vaping but just because others are vaping, it doesn’t mean to say they are going to use it themselves. That is very important to remember when it comes to using a vape device.

Understand What Vaping Really Is before You Dismiss It

For many years, vaping was not trusted and not liked because it looked very dangerous and so many things were unclear. However, there are many good reasons to look towards vaping and you should learn a little more about it before you dismiss it entirely. These are ideal for those who want to give up smoking and it can be a very useful solution to say the least. Vaping is a fantastic avenue to explore.

Three Simple Tips to Make an E-Cig Help You Quit Smoking

Using an e-cig can be extremely useful when you are trying to give up smoking cigarettes. It really takes hard work and determination to get rid of the old cigarettes and even when you’re doing your best; it’s not going to be easy. However, there are ways in which you can make e-cigs work for you and really give up smoking too. So, how can you make an e-cig help you quit smoking for good?

When You Want a Cigarette, Pick Up the E-Cigs

When you’re trying to quit, you not only have to cut back but help find a suitable way to help you. Using an e-cig can be a very good idea but you are going to find you’re tempted by every turn. In truth, the body craves smoking because it’s used to it and that is what you have to try and overcome. Sometimes you can find when you want a smoke you should use the e-cigs instead. It can be a far better way for you to quit than struggling through the day wanted to smoke.

Try To Replace Your Cigarettes with E-Cig before Cutting Them out Completely

If you want to give up smoking, it can be wise to try and remove some of the cigarettes from your daily routine. Giving up slowly is the best way to go about it simply because there is far less chance of you falling off the band wagon and going back to smoking. So, why not replace one or two cigarettes with an e-cig? You can slowly reduce your intake and quit in a more effective manner. It really will make all the difference.

There Will Be Times When You Fall Off the Wagon, So Jump Back On

Let’s be honest, you probably will be tempted to smoke again and you probably will have a cigarette when you’re trying to give up. It’s a slip and while it’s not ideal, it happens. You have to accept there will be times when you slip and have a cigarette but don’t let it dishearten you. What you have to do is accept that fact, learn from it and move on. Once you have a cigarette and regret it, jump back on the no smoking wagon and continue to give up. It doesn’t matter if you use an e-cig or not, you will be tempted to smoke so when it happens, learn from it and move on. It’s really a good way to help you quit because even though you want to give up, something can pull you back temporarily.

Take the Reigns over Your Smoking

Quitting smoking can be so important and it’s a lot easier to do than you think as well. There has never been a better time to look at quitting and look at what options you have as well. Using electronic cigarettes can be useful but remember they are not a substitute for your smoking. They should be used as an aid to give up and not as a replacement. Using an e-cig can be useful and you might be able to give up far easier with their help.